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Conditions & Law

 Cash is preferred 


Secured Checkout Via PayPal (+ Buyer Protection). 

We sell used books. Any other products given are gifts.

You must be over 21 years old, and we require ID.

We use text to communicate. Typical delivery is within 1-7 business days. 

All information submitted via the internet to BlazeMichigan is encrypted, your security and privacy is our top priority.

*Please Note: We only deliver in Michigan.  Must be over 21.  Must schedule appointment through text. 

Terms and Conditions:  This is a private club. Any payments or remuneration received by BlazeMichigan or it’s associates is in exchange for our used book inventory only and delivery services.  All rights reserved.

totally legal

Michigan Law- Free Gift


As of December 6th 2018, Cannabis (Marijuana) is legal for recreational cultivation and consumption by adults 21 years of age and older. 

Medical Marijuana however was voted into law on November 4th 2008. 

Our Drivers do not *sell marijuana, nor will they gift to anyone showing an identification indicating under the age of 21.